1. When I finished these paintings, the text just starts to come, as long as there is a pen and paper nearby. Portal of fire and Golden Atlantis fell,  I received a message through the painting and I am writing it here below. I love writing, through my own paintings. For me, painting is a channel to bring a message. Sometimes the text may not be long, but the main thing is that it always has a clear message. When Golden Atlantis fell you beautiful courage people decided to go thru gateways. Angels were standing behind you. You were scared, but we promised to you and couraged you. We told to you all precious souls you will manage to go thru many lifetimes. After Atlantis fell the next life after that was one of the most important life. All of you decided to go to different countries. Some of you went to Egypt. All of you hold beautiful Atlantean blueprint. It is still there and we told all of you it will be activated again when the time is right. Time have come now. We see many of you who hold the Atlantean blueprint and are suffering this autumn 222, this is a call to all of you precious people. We made the plan that one person can make huge things spreading light around the Planet. But the plan was that WE ARE ONE! That means that we need all people to work with us. Together, hand in hand we make a better world. Energy what you carry effect first all people around you. It is effect and effect and like this Planet raises vibration. We help all Planet together. We must forget separation. It doesn' t excist anymore. The most important thing is to make few meditations and dedicate to your journey. We need you and all of you to go thru this portal, many new lightworkers are coming together. Time has come and Ascended masters and Angels will help you go thru 2022 portal which brings amazing new lightworkers to the Planet Earth. This was the plan and we will make it together! There is nothing to fear , keep yourself in heart base consciousness. Remember WE ARE ONE, it means WE WORK TOGETHER AS ONE! - Ascended Masters and Angels