When we go through life in a constant rush and there is no time to stop properly and listen to what the soul wants to communicate. Our true inner self is deprived of listening and the body starts to react in all possible ways. For many people, life can be busy for many years. This angel painting is one those paintings where the Angels bring a message about the importance of stopping. The fact that we stop to listen and talk less, we find new routes in life. Our soul speaks and when we listen it tells us which direction to go. You don't have to try to look for anything, but be under the guidance of the soul, then everything starts to unfold more and more strongly. When I decide to live in the moment, in this moment and listen to the inner voice, the voice of my soul and heart. Everything is found in ourselves. Our own truth. No one can bring it to us ready-made. If we think about what else we could do in life, it doesn't necessarily lead to anything. Constant thinking prevents you from hearing the voice of the heart and your own intuition. Life is a flow of water. When we trust that guidance is always there, we naturally move towards a new path and we don't have to try or force things to happen. All things happen naturally. The fact that we take a small steps in this moment takes us forward today towards something new. A new thing starts to grow from a seed in your life. There is no need to look for or ask others for the purpose of life or the mission of life. We find everything within ourselves. By focusing on ourselves and going inside. Living in this moment is the most important thing. The important thing is to stay grounded. We live in a physical body and it is good for all four body systems to work in perfect cooperation with each other. It can be good to turn off the television and leave a few news articles unread. Especially if we want to create good feelings, joy and new things in our lives. We are one and the energy of each of us affects each other and the entire universe. the common good helps our planet earth to heal. Together we are a power!

This painting was completed about a year ago. Today while looking at the painting. It especially stood out with the hand that means STOP! It means ending war everywhere. Seeing a dream in the fall that told about the war and I was in a time when Finland was at war. I was shown what war can be like at its worst. Of course, I didn't think that war was coming to Finland, but after that, my guide told to me that the purpose of this dream was to tell something very important. That those who are currently at war are at war with themselves first. After this, it expands into war with others, because hate, which is the opposite of love, which is also indifference, creates more of what it divides around. We all probably already know this and the world situation what is going on now. The new generation will change this because the high vibrational souls that have already been born and are about to be born will change the world. They don't want to continue in the same way as the previous generation. They want peace for both humans and animals and the entire Earth Planet. When a person is at war with himself, how can he win the war inside him before it expands. The answer is love and heart consciousness. How could we help the world in this situation when we turn on the TV and the first news is about war. Could we go from heart consciousness and in our minds with our heart send love to all parties so that everything happens for the highest good of all in those countries where war is going on. Today could be a day when you could ho to your heart center and bless all the people you with love, peace and abundance. If you do so you can see a big change in the world. Thank every person you meet every day and bless all people you meet smile and share love. This is how we can change the world. And if everyone do it all countries it expands and expands and we will have a better world for all of us and our children and all the animals in the Planet Earth!